Eco Managment & Sustainabilty


We Believe in the careful use of our earths natural resources.Our Materials are carefully sourced to ensure good ethical trading standards have been meet.Indian sandstone which is imported in to the UK is reputed to come from highly unethical sources.

We take this seriously and only obtain threw approved suppliers.


Garden waste is recycled in facilities that turn it compost,wood chippings and mulch.We encourage are clients in the recycling of rainwater ,and the use of drought tolerant plants.

Green Roof or living walls are a new environmentally friendly concept. Roofs,sheds,children's play areas,boundary fencing are constructed using In-organic rot barriers,along with a soil medium.  Plants, such as sedums,or grass, are planted vertically or horizontally,creating a green living space. 


This concept brings many benefits to the home and environment,it saves the homeowner money,by cooling buildings,and provides better insulation.

For the environment it reduces carbon offsetting, and attracts wildlife.







By planting trees near your driveway,you can neutralise excess Co2,because trees need this for growth,which is absorb though their leaves.