What ever your requirements are, be it a traditional, or a modern contemporary garden design , we have many years of experience in hard landscape construction,building to specified standards.


Pergolas,decking,fencing,patios,walling,water features,pathways,driveways,block paving,rockeries,retaining structures,groundwork's,irrigation,dry stone walling,sheds,conservatory bases.


Landscape construction on a complete makeover project,will often involve starting with a term called a blank canvas,where the garden is cleared of unwanted planting,trees,and any old existing features.


After the site is cleared,measurements are taken to scale from plans drawn by the designer,and transferred to the ground,plotting all the new features,such as walling,pathways,patios.

When this process is completed,groundwork's involving,digging foundations, concrete and sub bases are carried out. 



Work then enters the third phrase,the construction of walling,decking,the building of all the hard landscaping features.

Once all the building work is completed,the finishing touches are added,and soft landscaping begins,planting of shrubs,trees,and turfing.